Christmas Markets in Dresden

Christmas holidays are slowly but surely approaching and are associated with Christmas markets, which will make a Christmas atmosphere to visitors thanks to the shining tree, carols or the scents of various Christmas specialties. If you already have visited Prague Christmas markets and you would like to soak up the Christmas atmosphere somewhere abroad, take advantage of our drivers and head to Christmas in Germany. Among the most beautiful and interesting Christmas markets are undoubtedly the markets in Dresden.

In Dresden, a historic town in close proximity to the Czech border, you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in the area of whole city during Advent. One of Dresden's most interesting and popular Christmas markets is the Striezelmarkt, which takes place on the Altmarkt square in the city center. As Dresden is a popular destination for Czech and other foreign tourists, you can pick up the market program in several languages ​​at the Striezelmarkt info booth, including Czech, English and Polish. The Striezelmarkt market has a very long history, was founded in 1434 and its name derives from the traditional Christmas pastry "Strüzel", this pastry can be compared to a Czech štola (christmas sweet pastry). The local Strüzel is baked according to a traditional recipe and that is protected by a trademark and can only be baked by a few selected bakers. There are around 250 stalls on the market and most of them offer various traditional treats, such as gingerbread and Strützel. There is also an offer of Christmas decorations and products from local workshops. The highlight of these markets is the Stollenfest (Stüzel festival), which begins at Schlossplatz and ends at Altmarkt, where a traditional giant Stüzel is unveiled, which is then sliced ​​and sold. One of the attractions of the Dresden Christmas Market is Saint Nicholas, who reads fairy tales to children.

Give yourself a pleasant Christmas atmosphere and set off for Christmas with our comfortable cars with pleasant drivers and make a trip for interesting Christmas markets to Dresden.